Imai Seisakusho

Characteristics of IMAI cleaner

More than 50 years experience beginning with FPD brush cleaner

  1. Wide range of application, mainly for LCD processes, Mother glasses, OLED, Automobile curved Glasses, Solar Panels, Optical glasses and etc.
  2. Various types of Cleaning methods for best performance and efficiency including contact and non-contact cleaning.
  3. Substrate size developed for MIN 16 x 19 mm - MAX 3,000 x 3,000

■High performance

Max. conveyor speed : about 17 m/min,Standard cleaning level: under 10μin particle size
(Applicable for precision cleaning)

■High reliability

Contains High-speed Low-vibration brush unit, Non-contact magnet transfer gear system, Automatic alignment,IMAI original IR + Cooling system and excellent mechanism to realize Minimum static electricity, High cleaning quality and water cut for gap and edge

Application size

Application size



Example of substrate size:

400×500 [mm]


Suited for Smart phone・Tablet PC・Optical glass and etc



Substrate size (example):

1,100×1,300 [mm]

1,800×1,500 [mm]

Suited for LCD panel・Automobile glass・Solar panel



Example of substrate size:

2,200×2,600 [mm]

3,000×3,000 [mm]

Suited for LCD mother glass・Architect's glass and etc